Acquire, store, visualize and export telemetry of Internet-connected devices.

The telemetry cloud system to manage the data of any kind of device, including IoT devices and sensors.


  • Acquisition and storage of telemetry data
  • Display and export of data on charts, maps and user-provided plans
  • Real-time visualization tracking
  • Management of devices, sensors and data channels through web application and API
  • Email notifications on threshold exceeding
  • Collaboration with team members
  • Management of users and permissions
  • Secure and reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Ready to use without any software installation

How to use it

  • Make a subscription
  • Insert your devices, sensors and channels using the web interface (or the provided API)
  • Copy the telemetry address and token in your devices
  • Send telemetry as a simple JSON object
  • Enjoy your data!

Static and real-time charts

Show telemetry on static charts along with graphical indicators, take a screenshot, download data you are looking at or follow what's going on in real-time.


Maps with tracking

Explore telemetry of your stationary devices or moving assets on a geographical map in real-time.


User-provided custom plans

See your devices on your own plans or pictures of your building, your garden or your room. Your IoT infrastructure at a glance!


Easy devices management

Set up your devices along with their sensors and data channels arranged in a hierarchical layout.

devices, sensors and channels

Suitable for any kind of device

If your device can create simple JSON data objects and send them using HTTPS then it is ready to join Sensorbis.
There is no other software or hardware requirement and data can be transmitted using any technology.

Management API

All the management can be done using the web application. But when automation is needed to manage devices, sensors and channels, a simple and fully documented API can be used.

Email alert on threshold exceeding

You can configure a threshold for each data channel of your devices and receive an email when the threshold is exceeded.
A configurable interval prevents email notifications to be delivered too frequently.

Personalized subscription

You can define all the parameters of your subscription: the duration, the maximum amount of hourly telemetry data, the duration of detailed and aggregated data retention, the maximum number of users and the limit of daily threshold alerts.

Advanced charts visualization

You can choose which channels to show and you can also split data on one chart per device, per sensor or per measurement unit.
Static charts offer the flexibility to choose data grouping interval and modality (averaged or summed).

Data export

Data can be exported from a static chart as an image, a CSV file or a HTML file.
The exported data keeps the chart data grouping.

Users collaboration

You can grant access to other users and assign their suitable permissions.
You can also invite non-users to subscribe and join your federation.


Users interactions, API calls and telemetry sending use HTTPS and are secured with strong encryption tokens.

Use cases

Possible use cases are countless. Here is a list of some examples.

Fleet tracking

Vehicle locations can be shown in real-time on a map, including additional data, e.g. speed, fuel level and so on.
The same data can be viewed on a real-time chart, or later, for further analysis, on a historical chart.

fleet management, gps tracking

Industrial machinery telemetry

You can collect multiple data from machinery and show them on real-time or on a historical chart. You can also show each of them over a plan of your factory.
Each data channel of telemetry can have an alert threshold. For example, a temperature sensor may detect that temperature is too high. In that case, a notification email can be sent for exceeding a preset temperature.

industrial machinery, industrial robots, IIoT

Power plugs and appliances monitoring

Appliances like refrigerators need to always be working. You can monitor if a refrigerator stops working, if it sends its own telemetry. If not, you can use a smart plug to send the consumption data in real-time. You can for example configure an alert, if there is no power consumption.
Other appliances works only for part of the day. You can monitor their consumption on a chart, also aggregating data on a time basis, e.g. daily.

smart appliances, smart plugs, domotics

Air quality measurement

Multiple stations can be placed over an area, e.g. a city, and measure various air pollution indicators.
All the stations can be displayed on an overall map. By selecting a station, you can see the real-time measurements for each indicator and also visualize a dedicated chart.

weather station

Web servers response time

Whether you have a single server or a server farm, you may have an application that pings them or sends them a request. So you can track the response time of any server and show it on a chart.
A timeout is recorded as a response waiting time above a threshold that can be configured to trigger an email alert to the administrator.

web server, web farm